Ottawa Mortgage Broker | Hussein Al Saleh

H. Al Saleh

My name is H. Al Saleh and I have been a full time mortgage broker and real estate investor for the past 15 years in both Canada and the United States. My initial investments started here in Ottawa mortgage syndications and soon expanded to other provinces.

Aside from being a professional mortgage broker, I also provide real estate investing advice and mentoring. My training programs were developed to assist Canadians to build their own investing businesses. Several of my clients have gone on to be recognized with "Excellence in Investing" awards.

I have over 30 years of experience, not only as a mortgage broker in Ottawa, but also in the Government and banking industry, with extensive knowledge in accounting, business management, banking, risk management, business planning, and tax consulting.

My ample knowledge and endless experience gives me the advantage in the real estate industry, especially since I'm thoroughly familiar with the Ottawa mortgage and real estate market. I'm a leader when it comes to decision making, risk management, and administrative and human resources qualities that have enabled me to successfully manage my own mortgage finance and real estate business.